Свободен лишь тот, кто может позволить себе не лгать.


Гелы из «Географии» Страбона (7 год до н. э), это Ингуши (Галгай) // The Land of the Czar O. W. Wahl. 1875 г.

Strabo’s account is as follows : “ It is said that the Amazons dwelt on the mountains beyond Albania . Theophanes , who accompanied Pompey on his expedition to Albania , at least asserts that the Albanians were separated by the Amazons from the Scythian tribes of the Legi and Geli , and that the river Mermadalis formed the boundary between those two tribes . But Skassius , Metrodotus , Hipsicrates , and others , who were well acquainted with the country , asserted that the Amazons were neighbours of the Gargaraeans , who inhabit the northern foot of the Keraunian Mountains . » These two opinions mentioned by Strabo come after all to the same point ; for the Legi are the modern Lesghi , and the Geli the Jngush tribe Galgai, and the Keraunian Mountains are the northern ranges of the Caucasus as far as the Beshtaú . It is obvious , then , that the Amazons and their husbands must have resided in the Kabardáh and the steppe of the Kuma , and been separated by the Terek ( Mermadalis )


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